Friends at Work

Yesterday, a lot of my friends graduated, and I am exceptionally happy for them. They completed  one of our culture’s greatest rites of passage, and now they look forward to “lives in the real world.” They still have so much ahead of them (see “The Best Years of Our Lives”), but I know they can handle it. And though I will miss many of them dearly, I wish them the best.

In a way, their feat has encouraged me. Not only does it tell me that it can be done and this next Fall semester will not get the best of me, but also their graduation has encouraged my outlook on society. Though I know it is unfair, I have often held poor opinions of people I come across in America’s workforce. I may think they don’t have what it takes to be doing their job—they aren’t smart enough or well qualified. I may think they have a poor attitude. I may think they are selfish. But in seeing my friends graduate, I know that there are a lot of people out there who are well qualified. Good people. And I like to think they are representative of their peers. I can have faith in teachers, pathologists, accountants, programmers, advertisers, nurses, because I know a few of them that are out there. It has made me just a little more optimistic.


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