Modern Apologetics

Christianity today faces an unprecedented foe. Through the centuries, we have warded the truth against the vicious attacks of opponents like Porphyry, Voltaire, David Hume, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Nietzsche. Through many tasks and various trials, we have survived. But now we face a new enemy: the Sausage Party.

Last weekend the Greg Tiernan film featuring the voice talent of Seth Rogan, Sausage Party, was released to a fair amount of critical and financial success. From the trailer it should be clear that the movie is something new and something funny. But, not obvious from the trailer is that it also has an overtly religious message: Religion is a social construct, and the only way to show people this is to liberate them. 

In previous posts, I’ve partly addressed this claim. To answer it in another way: religion as a social construct could potentially be true, but that would not negate its ability to perceive higher truths. Furthermore, emancipation is an empty promise—religion and psychology are in perfect consensus when they state that we are only ever free to pursue our own selfish desires.

The very fact that Sausage Party exists and that is makes such a claim is socially interesting. It may be a relief that the new movie’s assailment comes in such pulpy form, but more likely for Christians, it should be daunting. The last thing I want Religion and Story to be used for is fear-mongering, yet the fact that attacks—not to be confused with critiques—are coming in the form of crude theatrical comedies is something to be wary of and watchful for.

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  1. I liken this to the power of comedy to shape feeble minds – John Stewart and John Oliver have more sway over the political minds of young people than do facts.


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