One of my (too) many projects this year was to start a YouTube channel as a way to explore other avenues of creating. The plan is to publish one video every-other month for a total of six by December. Subscribe if you want.

After finishing my first real video, I am exhausted, and I’ve realized video editing is not my calling (please ignore some of those cuts). Nevertheless, in the face of overwhelming odds, I will persevere and ensure that the quality will increase with each new installment.

This first video deals with the relationship of Christians and art, a topic I’ve discussed many times before. I hope it will be both interesting and catalyzing for all who watch it.


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  1. I thought your video was very good and the audio allows the viewer to take in the intended inflections and tones of the message. One caveat to those that might get the wrong idea, being an artist does not mean that you can create your own or adapt God’s story into how it best fits your beliefs. Also, how does the idea of being “co-creators” (not found in scripture) reconcile with God being “the Creator?” I agree that we complete God’s creation. I would think we create within the world God has created and that differentiates the two. But would not say we create along side God in that aspect.

    Shout out to Marky Mark @1:04


    • Though I don’t think many would claim to be equal with God, that is a good point. Our ability to work alongside God, something found as far back as Genesis 1, does not give us the power/authority of God.

      Also: excellent Marky Mark find. I’ll try to sneak him into ever video.


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