Jackie Chan Knows How to Film Action

I had spent a while preparing for this weeks post, but near the end of my research and with Thursday impending, I discovered that my working premise was false. So that’s out the window. In its place, I want to share a video and strongly recommend a YouTube channel.

The channel is Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting. It’s pretty popular with over a million subscribers, so it’s not unlikely you’ve seen one of its videos or are familiar with it already. I’ve shared Tony’s videos before, and I’ll likely share more in the future.

The specific video I want to share is about filming action comedy. It’s fairly interesting and covers more than comedic action, discussing movie fighting in general as well as directing discipline. Beyond that, though, I think it’s a nice video to watch in anticipation for the new Thor: Ragnarok—an action comedy if there ever was one—this weekend. I thoroughly expect Thor to be great, as most of Marvel’s work is, but I also recognize that Marvel can sometimes be lazy. Watch this video to see how hard work in filmmaking can payoff, and hopefully we’ll see some of that in Thor.


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  1. I’ve seen this video before, it is one of my favorites from Every Frame a Painting!


  2. The greatest death scene of all time at the end is hilarious


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